What our Customers say...

Cleaning Testimonials

Bobby and Robert did a GREAT JOB! Great Reps for the franchise! (Duct Cleaning)

The men did an awesome job. On time. Thorough. Excellent. 

(Duct Cleaning)  Very thorough and meticulous!

(Duct Cleaning) These two were quick and thorough! Thanks!

(Duct Cleaning) "Very Professional, explained things clearly."

They are so courteous and efficient at their work. I'll recommend them to other people.  Keep them!

Duct Cleaning:  "My neighbors will probably ask me about service.  Thanks to your techs for great advice for home care."

Duct Cleaning:  "Fred & Philip were helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you."

Continue sending Fred and Chris to clean the ducts on my home--all 10's!!!

Superb service through the whole company!!!

All personnel were professional and courteous!

Wonderful! Will definitely use again!

Duct Cleaning-Fred and Brandon were hardworking, honest and thorough. Thank you!  Karen B.

Duct Cleaning--Freddie made several recommendations that resulted in improvements and fixed a stair leading to the attic. Thank you for a job well done!

My son recently purchased a home. The home is over 15 years old and the HVAC ducts had never been cleaned. When my son purchased the home there were no filters being used and my son was having a hard time sleeping and even breathing in the home. I contacted SERVPRO in the Fredericksburg area to get an estimate of the cost for cleaning the ducts in the home. The price was reasonable and SERVPRO scheduled the service quickly and efficiently. The SERVPRO team did a great job resulting in my son sleeping much better as he is now able to breathe easy. I would highly recommend this service for any older home that has never had this service, or if there are members in a home or building that have allergy or asthma concerns. SERVPRO of Fredericksburg are reliable, efficient, and do a great job. 

Mike W. (Fredericksburg, VA)